1)   The people of earth are slowly being taken over by genetically modified humans (or superhumans).

2)   The superhumans are trying to eliminate the human race for they feel they are no longer needed on earth.

3)   Aliens are silently abducting humans and then returning them safely (after injecting them with a serum that will increase their strength).

4)   The superhumans brainwash the humans into thinking it is the aliens to blame for the death of their kind, when in actual fact the aliens are trying to help them.

5)   The few humans who do know this stand by the aliens, as they take on the superhumans and attempt to save the entire human race.


1)   In a world where efficiency is key, everyone is equipped with a microchip containing all of their information.

2)   Due to tracking devices and sensors everywhere (linked to these chips), crime is basically non-existent, but some people are starting to see a strange change in those around them.

3)   This is because some humans are slowly succumbing to the programming in the chip that essentially retunes their brain into thinking exactly as the Superiors of earth wish them to.

4)   The creator of the micro-chip starts to see his device being used in this ‘evil’ way and joins forces with others (who are not yet converted) in order to stop the takeover before it is too late.


1)    A talking train carriage named “Zaz” is surrounded by newly refurbished, now silent train carriages.

2)    Zaz wants to become his own “fashion” train that gives tours and advice.

3)    Talking transportation is now considered dated and authority figures feel it is becoming too opinionated, so they are shutting the transport down one by one.

4)    A once struggling fashion designer believes that she owes her now successful career to the carriage’s insight and influence over the years.

5)   She bands together with others to help keep talking transport alive.